St Cuthberts Orthodox Community

About me

A little about my educational background:

When I was a little boy of nine years, all I could manage to do is to open up the electronic and the mechanical toys that were my Christmas gifts and then sit down and reconfigure the toy to try and include a new feature that was not previously there in the toy.

For example, I had a figurine of the star war characters that could move its hands and wield the shafts but when I reconfigured it, I added two light buttons in their eyes.

Now, the star war character had glowing eyes. This was probably one of the earliest memories I have of doing something on my own.

My father was also in to designing and refurbishing the old things so that the recycled things could be used by the have nots and the refugees. But like my father would tell me later that I would never ask for help and never even accept unsolicited advises from my dad. I believed in doing my thing and was determined not to think that my success depended on anybody. I just believed in doing my thing!

As I grew up:

When I finished my schooling I applied for a student loan and went to study electrical engineering at one f the better colleges near my hometown. This was the time that I was looking out to double my allowances and so used odd jobs at the petrol bunks and the departmental stores nearby.

That was also the time that I had decided that I would never be in the organized job sector because doing the mundane thing bored me. I wanted challenges at work daily and the only way I could be trying my hand at diverse projects is by contracting.

I applied for being a contractor at an umbrella company and the rest they say is history. I am comfortable in my boots doing all the jobs that I have so long done in my career. Some paid extremely well while some were slightly wanting in remuneration. But I thoroughly enjoyed y stint as a contractor. There is no way that I am going to bargain my style of working with the dull and boring nine to five cubicle job and the like!